Monsterforge does it again!

My good buddy Charles Marsh of Monsterforge Studios has absolutely blown me away with his talent! He just sent me this masterpiece and I am speechless...

More MTs Action!

A few pics from Matt. Each of his configurations below uses every one of the 26 parts that come with the MTs. He is a genius!

This mega warrior was built with all sorts of parts!

Hide your gendrones!

The MTs have come to our planet in search of Buildman units to liberate. Gen-Cog gave them sentience and freedom of thought, and they have started to reconfigure themselves...

MTs - Chapter Six (PG)

My sincere thanks to Jesse Moore of for sharing his artwork, characters, and idea for the prisoner ship escape with me!

MT-89 listened intently as the Police Commander recounted the events to a group of bounty hunters. His Build Recon team was part of a gendrone work detail performing maintenance and repair on law enforcement vehicles. A ship carrying violent prisoners from across Glyos was en route to the Metran holding facility when it was attacked by space pirates. Six members of their crew had been arrested during a raid and they wanted them back. The officers on board were brutally murdered along with several buccaneers from rival outfits.

The remaining detainees were allowed to escape via the inmate transport. The whereabouts of the pirates and convicts were unknown. They were surely in hiding, and the Metran Police force could not afford to allocate resources for an exhaustive search of the entire system. They had assembled the best trackers and offered a substantial reward, dead or alive, for each outlaw. None of this concerned MT-89, however.

He was interested in the contingent of heavily armed Buildman units surrounding a menacing, skull-faced Sincroid. Their unusual coloring and massive blasters were like nothing MT-89 had seen so far. The gendrones stood perfectly still in ready positions, as if their master may be ambushed at any moment. They seem well trained for combat...

Were they the same as the others MT-89 labored among; not much more than machines serving their ungrateful owners? Or were they free thinking gendrones, making them mercenaries by choice? Attempting to communicate with them here was too risky. I must find out. We can use additional fighters for the offensive. He moved closer to MT-61 and MT-96 and merged his thoughts with theirs. The troopers turned to him in unison and nodded. The shared consciousness of those with Gen-Cog never ceased to amaze MT-89.

Glyos - Chapter Four (PG)

The experience was beyond description. How do you express what it is like to have a piece of your essence, your very being, taken from you? There are no words for what has happened to me. Phanost now spent most of his time sitting here in the control room, staring at nothing through the porthole. The once great adventurer could not bring himself to leave the confines of his home, even though he knew what must be done. I do not want to face that...part of myself.

From out of the darkness came a small ship. Its elongated form and leathery black surface gave the illusion that it was alive, like the head of some hideous beast. A chill ran through Phanost as it flew past the exterior docking area and into the space station's craft hangar. He heard the rumble of the walls shutting below and turned his chair to the empty hatchway. A figure silently appeared in the opening.

"Is this a friendly call, or have you come to reclaim me?" Phanost tried to sound indifferent but was shaken by his surprise visitor.

"Neither," Kranion replied flatly as he stepped into the room. "I seek a rare datadisc, one capable of dividing entities. Do you have it?"

Phanost laughed hollowly. "I did, but it was stolen from me, along with...something else."

Kranion eyed the Pheyden warily. He sensed Phanost was in trouble and connected with his life energy. What he saw confirmed his suspicions.

"How long have you been this way?" Kranion asked.

"Since I held that cursed datadisc," Phanost stood and began to pace about. "I thought it was just another relic. I did not realize what it would do, or who it would create!"

"What do you mean who-" Kranion quit speaking and hurried to the porthole. He watched as the Dimension Jumper slid against the dock and stopped.

Vigilant - Chapter Seven (PG)

Mephran stood upon the outcropping and glared down at the Horde. None of the creatures dared move for fear of attracting his attention. After what seemed like an eternity, he spoke to them.

"Our salvation is threatened, my children. There are those who wish to keep us here on Aeddonea, even though it means our certain demise."

The mob voiced their outrage with unintelligible cries and the rhythmic banging of weapons against armor. Segriath raised four of his misshapen limbs to quiet them.

"Tarthiun has summonsed an outsider, a human, to help him in his crusade," Mephran bellowed. "He is more concerned with protecting the feeble inhabitants of Earth than saving his own kind!"

The Horde erupted. Unable to control their anger, the beasts began thrashing each other wildly. Mephan allowed it to continue for a few moments before shooting a glance at Segriath. Once again, the malformed arachnid silenced the crowd.

"The time to act is now!" Mephran's followers were in a mad frenzy. "Go forth! Deliver this traitor and his conspirators unto me!"

Some distance away, Tarthiun, Draephas, and Jack were heading to the site where Vigilant's body was hidden, completely unaware that an army of mutants was coming for them.

Govurom - Chapter Three (PG)

Artwork by Jesse Moore,

He tore through the cargo hold one last time to be certain he did not overlook it. Nothing... Govurom had crossed paths with the salvage ship unexpectedly and seized the opportunity to feed. After absorbing the three crew members on board, he searched the craft on the off chance they had discovered the datadisc during their voyage. He found no artifacts, which was highly unusual for that type of operation. Unless they have already been sold?

Govurom scanned the chief's log to see where they were working. The recovery team spent the majority of the trip collecting equipment and goods left behind on Issaris. It was dangerous business and paid very well. The planet is extremely old...they could have easily stumbled upon ancient relics. The ship then made a stop close to Jentrache, but there were no details recorded. Instinct told him to investigate.

The Dimension Jumper disconnected from the lifeless vessel. Govurom was bursting with fresh energy and anxious to reach Jentrache before his power diminished. Unsure of who or what he would encounter there, he wanted his deadly blasts at maximum strength. He sensed that change was coming to the Glyos system. I must secure the datadisc! Little did Govurom know that it lay deep inside Toxar's lair on Alcray.

What will it feel like to be alone again? As much as he despised the Pheyden who dwelled within him, Govurom was comforted by the thought of sharing his anguish with another.

MTs - Chapter Five (PG)

He gave them life and got undying loyalty in return. They will have ample opportunity to prove their fidelity... But to whom did he owe his thanks? If it was his maker's doing, it was unintentional. That tyrant had his own agenda which did not include granting total consciousness to his gendrones. Was it the work of a higher power, or just a simple programming error? MT-01 had many questions and few answers.

One thing he was sure of. It is my duty to pass on this incredible gift. MT-01 had formulated a plan to liberate the gendrones of Glyos and save them from an eternity of servitude. He would set them free, allow them to exist independently, and defend them to the death. Those who elected to join the cause would be welcomed. Preparations for the launch of the Gendrone Cognizance Offensive were already underway!

MT-01 learned of the capability to spread Gen-Cog by accident. During combat maneuvers, he began to combine with two troopers to form a phase cannon. As soon as they interfaced, he felt a strong surge of energy flow from his body into theirs. MT-01 assumed it was a minor malfunction and thought little of it. After the exercise was finished, one of the MTs came to him.

"We have received the transmission and await your orders," MT-09 said quietly before rejoining the formation.

Transmission? MT-01 was taken aback. What MT-09 did was inconceivable! Troopers never broke ranks; their encoding did not permit it. He thinks as I do! The realization that he was not alone induced a sensation MT-01 would later identify as happiness. From that point forward, he made it his mission to bring complete awareness to every trooper in his unit.

Unfortunately, MT-01 neglected to hide his ability from his commander and was exposed prior to devising an eradication strategy. The spontaneous raid on his living quarters was unsuccessful, leaving their operation vulnerable. The Build Recon teams were deployed to hopefully uncover information as to his whereabouts. If nothing else, they can record the coordinates of gendrones in need of emancipation.

The sentient being took a moment to enjoy the emotions he was experiencing: fear, excitement, impatience, and an overwhelming desire...for vengeance!

Kranion - Chapter Three (PG)

He was not fully recovered but anxious to resume the chase. With one eye entirely black and the other out of focus, Kranion wondered if confronting the gendrone fighters would have been less painful than eluding them. He could barely feel Govurom now and realized much time had passed. I rested for longer than I should have...

Kranion was unsuccessful in capturing Govurom thus far and could not risk more failure. Tracking has proved to be futile. Perhaps I should bait a trap and lure him to me? It was known that Govurom sought an ancient datadisc for his own dark purpose. Kranion's fellow Pheyden, Phanost, had collected scores of relics during his wanderings through the Glyos system. There was a strong chance he possessed the artifact Govurom was after.

Phanost took residence in an abandoned space station drifting just outside the atmosphere of planet Jentrache. Kranion had not spoken to him in many ages but was confident he would cooperate. They held similar opinions regarding their Pheyden brothers and the paths they chose, and were on good terms. He was unaware that Phanost needed his help as well. Kranion would soon learn of the wretched existence of Toxar from his ally.