Glyos - Chapter Four (PG)

The experience was beyond description. How do you express what it is like to have a piece of your essence, your very being, taken from you? There are no words for what has happened to me. Phanost now spent most of his time sitting here in the control room, staring at nothing through the porthole. The once great adventurer could not bring himself to leave the confines of his home, even though he knew what must be done. I do not want to face that...part of myself.

From out of the darkness came a small ship. Its elongated form and leathery black surface gave the illusion that it was alive, like the head of some hideous beast. A chill ran through Phanost as it flew past the exterior docking area and into the space station's craft hangar. He heard the rumble of the walls shutting below and turned his chair to the empty hatchway. A figure silently appeared in the opening.

"Is this a friendly call, or have you come to reclaim me?" Phanost tried to sound indifferent but was shaken by his surprise visitor.

"Neither," Kranion replied flatly as he stepped into the room. "I seek a rare datadisc, one capable of dividing entities. Do you have it?"

Phanost laughed hollowly. "I did, but it was stolen from me, along with...something else."

Kranion eyed the Pheyden warily. He sensed Phanost was in trouble and connected with his life energy. What he saw confirmed his suspicions.

"How long have you been this way?" Kranion asked.

"Since I held that cursed datadisc," Phanost stood and began to pace about. "I thought it was just another relic. I did not realize what it would do, or who it would create!"

"What do you mean who-" Kranion quit speaking and hurried to the porthole. He watched as the Dimension Jumper slid against the dock and stopped.