More Than

Artwork by Matt Doughty, Onell Design
The dark figure is back. Hunched over a table, it is totally engrossed in its work. Buildman parts are scattered across the smooth surface. Blueprints, detailing what looks like an exploded view of a weaponized gendrone, lay close at hand. He can’t be sure, but MT-01 thinks that may be his own name scrawled across the top of the paper, along with another. What does that say? Volk...

The scene fades before he can finish and is replaced with another - the interior of a ship. Gobon gendrones in a multitude of configurations move freely about the sizable space. A silver Buildman walks beside a tall Gobon wearing a green cloak, the pair engaged in deep conversation. Argen? Again the image disappears before MT-01 can fully interpret it.

Absolute blackness returns, and with it a suffocating silence. MT-01 can do nothing but wait; time has no meaning in this place. Finally, a voice speaks to him from out of the gloom. “You are more than what you have become.” Simple words yet rife with meaning.

The MT Transport, rendered invisible by the cloaking device, continues its meandering course unobserved. MT-01 rests comatose inside, unaware of the events taking place across Glyos and within the rift called Zorennor: events that will forever alter his destiny.