Vigilant - Chapter Seven (PG)

Mephran stood upon the outcropping and glared down at the Horde. None of the creatures dared move for fear of attracting his attention. After what seemed like an eternity, he spoke to them.

"Our salvation is threatened, my children. There are those who wish to keep us here on Aeddonea, even though it means our certain demise."

The mob voiced their outrage with unintelligible cries and the rhythmic banging of weapons against armor. Segriath raised four of his misshapen limbs to quiet them.

"Tarthiun has summonsed an outsider, a human, to help him in his crusade," Mephran bellowed. "He is more concerned with protecting the feeble inhabitants of Earth than saving his own kind!"

The Horde erupted. Unable to control their anger, the beasts began thrashing each other wildly. Mephan allowed it to continue for a few moments before shooting a glance at Segriath. Once again, the malformed arachnid silenced the crowd.

"The time to act is now!" Mephran's followers were in a mad frenzy. "Go forth! Deliver this traitor and his conspirators unto me!"

Some distance away, Tarthiun, Draephas, and Jack were heading to the site where Vigilant's body was hidden, completely unaware that an army of mutants was coming for them.