Govurom - Chapter Three (PG)

Artwork by Jesse Moore,

He tore through the cargo hold one last time to be certain he did not overlook it. Nothing... Govurom had crossed paths with the salvage ship unexpectedly and seized the opportunity to feed. After absorbing the three crew members on board, he searched the craft on the off chance they had discovered the datadisc during their voyage. He found no artifacts, which was highly unusual for that type of operation. Unless they have already been sold?

Govurom scanned the chief's log to see where they were working. The recovery team spent the majority of the trip collecting equipment and goods left behind on Issaris. It was dangerous business and paid very well. The planet is extremely old...they could have easily stumbled upon ancient relics. The ship then made a stop close to Jentrache, but there were no details recorded. Instinct told him to investigate.

The Dimension Jumper disconnected from the lifeless vessel. Govurom was bursting with fresh energy and anxious to reach Jentrache before his power diminished. Unsure of who or what he would encounter there, he wanted his deadly blasts at maximum strength. He sensed that change was coming to the Glyos system. I must secure the datadisc! Little did Govurom know that it lay deep inside Toxar's lair on Alcray.

What will it feel like to be alone again? As much as he despised the Pheyden who dwelled within him, Govurom was comforted by the thought of sharing his anguish with another.