MTs - Chapter Five (PG)

He gave them life and got undying loyalty in return. They will have ample opportunity to prove their fidelity... But to whom did he owe his thanks? If it was his maker's doing, it was unintentional. That tyrant had his own agenda which did not include granting total consciousness to his gendrones. Was it the work of a higher power, or just a simple programming error? MT-01 had many questions and few answers.

One thing he was sure of. It is my duty to pass on this incredible gift. MT-01 had formulated a plan to liberate the gendrones of Glyos and save them from an eternity of servitude. He would set them free, allow them to exist independently, and defend them to the death. Those who elected to join the cause would be welcomed. Preparations for the launch of the Gendrone Cognizance Offensive were already underway!

MT-01 learned of the capability to spread Gen-Cog by accident. During combat maneuvers, he began to combine with two troopers to form a phase cannon. As soon as they interfaced, he felt a strong surge of energy flow from his body into theirs. MT-01 assumed it was a minor malfunction and thought little of it. After the exercise was finished, one of the MTs came to him.

"We have received the transmission and await your orders," MT-09 said quietly before rejoining the formation.

Transmission? MT-01 was taken aback. What MT-09 did was inconceivable! Troopers never broke ranks; their encoding did not permit it. He thinks as I do! The realization that he was not alone induced a sensation MT-01 would later identify as happiness. From that point forward, he made it his mission to bring complete awareness to every trooper in his unit.

Unfortunately, MT-01 neglected to hide his ability from his commander and was exposed prior to devising an eradication strategy. The spontaneous raid on his living quarters was unsuccessful, leaving their operation vulnerable. The Build Recon teams were deployed to hopefully uncover information as to his whereabouts. If nothing else, they can record the coordinates of gendrones in need of emancipation.

The sentient being took a moment to enjoy the emotions he was experiencing: fear, excitement, impatience, and an overwhelming desire...for vengeance!