Kranion - Chapter Three (PG)

He was not fully recovered but anxious to resume the chase. With one eye entirely black and the other out of focus, Kranion wondered if confronting the gendrone fighters would have been less painful than eluding them. He could barely feel Govurom now and realized much time had passed. I rested for longer than I should have...

Kranion was unsuccessful in capturing Govurom thus far and could not risk more failure. Tracking has proved to be futile. Perhaps I should bait a trap and lure him to me? It was known that Govurom sought an ancient datadisc for his own dark purpose. Kranion's fellow Pheyden, Phanost, had collected scores of relics during his wanderings through the Glyos system. There was a strong chance he possessed the artifact Govurom was after.

Phanost took residence in an abandoned space station drifting just outside the atmosphere of planet Jentrache. Kranion had not spoken to him in many ages but was confident he would cooperate. They held similar opinions regarding their Pheyden brothers and the paths they chose, and were on good terms. He was unaware that Phanost needed his help as well. Kranion would soon learn of the wretched existence of Toxar from his ally.