MTs - Chapter Four (PG)

The gendrone was not expecting this. Perhaps I have underestimated him. Troopers had already searched the subterranean base and surrounding network of caves and tunnels, but discovered no trace. MT-01 ordered them to check the surface of the porous moon that served as their headquarters, as well as the lifeless world it once orbited. He knew they would find nothing. There must have been an escape pod hidden somewhere within the labyrinth. The Glyos system is vast...he could be anywhere by now. Where would he begin to look? More importantly, who was he looking for? No trooper, including MT-01, had seen their former commander in his true form.

The new leader of the MTs needed to focus on his chief objective. He would select six troopers and create two reconnaissance teams to gather intelligence about their maker. MT-01 did not wish to risk exposure on densely inhabited planets so he would alter their exteriors. We can uninstall the integrated phase arms and change their color back to brown and tan. They will behave like typical Buildman gendrones and raise no suspicions...

He thought hard about who he would select. MT-01 wanted the scouts to be highly proficient, yet hesitated to send his best troopers as he required their skill for the mission. The Build Recon units may be in the field for an extended period. He could not afford to wait for their return before launching the offensive.

"The following M.A.I.M. Troopers will report to the Assembly Floor immediately," MT-01 said into the central communications module. "MT-17...MT-36...MT-42...MT-61...MT-89...MT-96. That is all."