MTs - Chapter Six (PG)

My sincere thanks to Jesse Moore of for sharing his artwork, characters, and idea for the prisoner ship escape with me!

MT-89 listened intently as the Police Commander recounted the events to a group of bounty hunters. His Build Recon team was part of a gendrone work detail performing maintenance and repair on law enforcement vehicles. A ship carrying violent prisoners from across Glyos was en route to the Metran holding facility when it was attacked by space pirates. Six members of their crew had been arrested during a raid and they wanted them back. The officers on board were brutally murdered along with several buccaneers from rival outfits.

The remaining detainees were allowed to escape via the inmate transport. The whereabouts of the pirates and convicts were unknown. They were surely in hiding, and the Metran Police force could not afford to allocate resources for an exhaustive search of the entire system. They had assembled the best trackers and offered a substantial reward, dead or alive, for each outlaw. None of this concerned MT-89, however.

He was interested in the contingent of heavily armed Buildman units surrounding a menacing, skull-faced Sincroid. Their unusual coloring and massive blasters were like nothing MT-89 had seen so far. The gendrones stood perfectly still in ready positions, as if their master may be ambushed at any moment. They seem well trained for combat...

Were they the same as the others MT-89 labored among; not much more than machines serving their ungrateful owners? Or were they free thinking gendrones, making them mercenaries by choice? Attempting to communicate with them here was too risky. I must find out. We can use additional fighters for the offensive. He moved closer to MT-61 and MT-96 and merged his thoughts with theirs. The troopers turned to him in unison and nodded. The shared consciousness of those with Gen-Cog never ceased to amaze MT-89.