They emerged from the shadows like mechanized phantoms, each one soundlessly carrying out his task. Within minutes, the MTs established a secure perimeter around the Black Ruins, home to the Build Station. Only Infiltrator and Hades would be allowed to pass when the time came. The troopers were given strict orders not to reveal themselves as MT-01 wanted to learn more before making contact. One thing he knew for certain; the masters he had faced in battle were nothing compared to these two veteran combatants.

The very planet seemed to be holding its breath, waiting for the attack. Nothing stirred as tension grew and pressed mercilessly down upon Rilleco. MT-01 felt he may be crushed under the weight of it if something didn't happen soon. Come on...come on! His typically unfaltering patience was threatening to betray him when suddenly the silence was broken.

"Commander...this is MT-48", the trooper stated, his voice barely audible through the heavy static. Something in the area was
interfering with their communications equipment. "Targets are inside our perimeter and heading towards the main entrance of the Build Station. Advise."

Relief swept over him as he responded. "Do not engage under any circumstances. Maintain cover and await further instructions".

From his position, MT-01 had a clear view of the front of the building. The smooth, windowless facade gave off a dull glow not unlike the
head of Hades, its surface covered with intersecting lines. The structure appeared alive and a low, pulsing hum emanated from somewhere deep within. It looked abandoned but almost inviting,
daring you to enter.


Infiltrator and Hades slipped out of the ruins and made their way towards the menacing structure. During their final approach to Rilleco they were attacked by bizarrely configured, flying Buildmen, and were forced to exit their ship to destroy them. The experience made them realize that conventional weapons were not enough. Using his backpack and right arm, the metallic gendrone had built a powerful blaster especially for the assault, and held it at the ready. Hades carried a glowing green phase arm with its power disc mounted
on his back.

Without warning, the Build Station erupted, spewing forth a mass of abominations. Hulking red and blue gendrones with heavy cannons swarmed, and sickly greenish white walkers picked their way across the terrain. Translucent, smoky Buildmen combined with their pitch black brethren to form large, arachnid-like figures, bringing to mind the ancient beings that once inhabited the planet. These gendrones acted differently than the standard Metran built units, as if they were programmed by some alien life force. Infiltrator and Hades traded knowing glances and opened fire.


It was there when the fighting began, hidden amongst the crumbling dark rock of the ruins. The Armodoc's black body was barely visible against the stone, making its silver head and limbs float in the nothingness. It was sent to stop the atrocities taking place on Rilleco, and would let the gendrone and Pheyden eliminate the initial waves of Buildmen before joining the fray. The Armodoc stood and watched as two brave warriors battled an army of manufactured mutants.