Close Call

He watched as the veiled spacecraft landed in a remote sector of Rilleco. MTs possessed advanced optical sensors that allowed them to identify virtually anything, even if it was cloaked. MT-01 was unsure if Infiltrator had this capability, but chose his camouflage based on the assumption that he did.

The ship was still powering down when the hatch opened, releasing a trio of auto probes. The small, spherical units split from each other and rapidly conducted a sweep of the immediate area. Finding nothing unusual, they regrouped and disappeared into the vessel. The hatch remained open and there was no movement of any kind for some time. MT-01 was motionless, anticipation welling up inside of him. Infiltrator exhibits great admirable trait.

Finally, a ramp extended forward and came to rest. A pair of shining, silver boots materialized in the opening, the rest of the form obscured by shadow. After a pause, the figure moved down the walkway and into full view. The metallic gendrone shone brilliantly in contrast to the dark vegetation, his blue visor glowing as he scanned his surroundings. He stepped on to the planet's surface and abruptly stopped, his gaze locked on MT-01's distant hiding spot. Neither Buildman stirred.

Never before had MT-01 experienced this feeling of trepidation. Has Infiltrator detected me? He had taken every precaution to make himself invisible! Time stood still as the warriors faced each other silently. Just as he was preparing to break cover and retreat, Hades strode down the ramp and spoke to the gendrone. He was fully clad in black with a scarf of some kind covering the lower half of his face. Deep, light green scars marred the surface of his faintly glowing head, one running across the darkness where his left eye used to be.

MT-01 was too far away to hear what was said, but it was enough for Infiltrator to turn his attention to Hades. He took this opportunity to withdraw unnoticed. As he made his way back to base camp, MT-01 processed what had happened. Did Infiltrator actually see him or just sense that he was being observed? Either way, he knew that he should never underestimate the formidable powers of his potential ally.


"Something out there you do not like?" Hades asked as he walked towards Infiltrator. "I assure you, the probes are flawless. I programmed them myself."

The gendrone looked at his companion. He did not doubt the quality of the probes or believe a threat was lurking nearby. It was something else; a persistent thought forcing its way into his consciousness. Change is coming, and nothing I do will stop it. I can only hope it is for the best... Infiltrator quickly answered the perceptive Pheyden before he could question him further.

"All is well. We will begin preparations for the assault at once."