The ground was thick with Buildman parts, making his trek across the battlefield difficult. It looked as if every gendrone in Glyos had been transported to the Black Ruins and sacrificed before the unforgiving walls of the Build Station. MT-01 surveyed the scene with a mix of horror and excitement. It amazed him that only two were responsible for all this carnage. Well...three, actually. Much to his surprise, a powerful black and silver Armodoc came out blasting from somewhere inside the ruins just when Infiltrator and Hades broke through the ranks of misshapen gendrones. As they stormed into the facility to continue their slaughter, the Armodoc obliterated every last Buildman outside then disappeared as swiftly as it had come. MT-01 chose to keep his troopers out of the fight as their support was not required. Best to save our strength for what is to come...

As he worked his way to the main entrance of the building, MT-01 discovered a gendrone among the rubble that was twitching weakly. It could not communicate but he was able to interface with it directly. Strange code began to flow into his processor so he quickly broke the link. He had connected with countless gendrones during the Gen-Cog Offensive and never run into programming that felt so...alien to him. MT-01 now questioned whether he was on Rilleco for the same reason as Infiltrator and Hades. Are they here to eradicate instead of liberate?

An MT appeared in the destroyed hatchway of the Build Station and gave the all clear signal to his commander. As MT-01 crossed the threshold, he saw pairs of troopers staged at intervals down the dark hallway. Terminated gendrones in a multitude of shapes and colors were scattered everywhere. He approached a group of MTs waiting for him at the end of the corridor. Weapons drawn, they crouched against the wall on either side of a well lit opening.

MT-01 moved alongside his squad leader and nodded. Cautiously, they traded places to give him an unobstructed line of sight into the room. The space was full of standard configuration Buildmen, each one looking about as if seeing its surroundings for the first time. Infiltrator and Hades stood among them, engaged in deep conversation. From what MT-01 could pick up, it sounded like Infiltrator wished to stay and guide his lost brothers. As he watched, the dialogue ended abruptly, Hades vanishing in a flash of brilliant light. Seizing the opportunity, MT-01 stepped into the room. The silver gendrone calmly turned to face him.

"Infiltrator, my name is MT-01, leader of the M.A.I.M. Troopers. I come to you in peace as your ally."

"I have heard much about you and your troopers, Commander. Your courageous actions on behalf of our kind are known throughout the system. But please, call me Argen".

The two spoke of many things: past, present, and future. It was decided that Argen and MT-01 would work as one to free the gendrones of Glyos, and the former Build Station on Rilleco would become the new base of the MTs. Together they would declare war on the masters who unjustly enslaved their brethren!