Dead Time

Artwork by Matt Doughty, Onell Design

He was vaguely aware of the MT Transport’s reactivation, but not because he could see the instrument panel or hear the steady drone of the propulsion system. Paralyzed, MT-01 sat motionless in the cockpit, the internal protection mechanism he created keeping him in a kind of coma. If he still lived, then so did the MTs.

That was the idea behind the failsafe system; spare the leader in an apocalyptic situation so he can rebuild the unit, making the MTs virtually immortal. Easier said than done, especially considering his current state. MT-01 drifted in and out of consciousness, his fragmented thoughts mixing with cryptic images.

I can hardly remember what I was, and don’t want to think about who I’ve become. I just wanted to be free, someone instead of something owned by another, but I didn’t know the price would be so high. None of us did. Battle after battle, kill or be killed. Living like that takes its toll on a -

A dark figure materializes out of the haze of his stupor. It feels like a memory, except MT-01 does not recognize the mysterious being. Or does he? It points into the fog as if it has something to show him, but nothing is there.

Funny...I almost said Glyan. I guess that means something, but I don’t know what exactly. Is that what we were fighting for, to be like them? If it was I’m not sure it was worth it. Maybe we were better off as programmable pieces of metal. At least we were together, a unit.

Light reflects off a metallic surface, blinding him. As MT-01 lifts his arm to shade his image receptors, a silver gendrone takes shape, its blue visor looking at him, through him. Behind him stand four MTs.

This journey has taught me so much but left me with so little. I am alone now; the others have vanished, sucked into that unforgiving void. I used to command an army, strike fear into the hearts of my enemies. Now I sit here, helpless in this floating tomb. If only...

As MT-01 slipped back into oblivion, his ship initiated its cloaking sequence and homing beacon. The signal, weak at first, will slowly gain strength as the MT Transport’s power collectors gather the small pockets of energy found moving throughout Glyos. By his own design, MT-01 now existed in a self-perpetuating state of suspended animation.