MTs - Chapter Seven (PG)

The MTs were changing. As their personalities developed, each trooper modified himself to express his newfound individuality. Different heads and body structures, enhanced armor, powerful weapons configurations, and unique markings could be seen throughout the unit. It would not be long before they dropped the random identification digits in favor of real names. It was the natural evolution of the sentient gendrone and he watched with immense pleasure.

For the present, MT-01 would stay the same and act as a living reminder of where everything began. My day is coming... There would be time for his transformation after the Gen-Cog Offensive was in full swing. He cherished the idea of being someone instead of something and held it as his reward. The Metran owners will not release their servants without a fight. Many rough battles lay ahead of MT-01 but he felt no fear, even though he was now capable of it.

Earlier, MT-89 reported in from the field with interesting news. Bounty hunters had been engaged by the Metran police to track down fugitives and one in particular, a large sincroid known as Callgrim, employed a number of combat hardened gendrones. It was uncertain whether they were enslaved or operating under free will. MT-01 instructed the Build Recon team to learn the truth. If others outside of the MTs had gained sentience, he needed to know. Perhaps I was not the first?