Glyos - Chapter Five (PG)

The two Pheydens, nearly as old as the artifact Govurom sought, stood on either side of the porthole and peered out at his ship. I must get to the Parabatis! Kranion turned away and made for the hatch. "Phanost, do not tell him I am here."

Phanost found himself in a position he did not want to be in. That datadisc has brought me nothing but hardship! Without his malevolence he felt weak; hatred was a source of strength for him. Acting on impulse, he reached under the instrument cluster and withdrew a tiny, weathered orb. An amber glow within could be seen through its cracked exterior. Risky but...I cannot go on living this way. Phanost watched Govurom disembark and walk toward the entranceway.

Like a shadow, Kranion slipped back into the control room. He carried his collector in one hand and a long staff carved out of bone in the other. At the top sat a murky, multifaceted jewel. Kranion wore a dull black breastplate, crafted from the scales of a massive beast, with a matching stone mounted in its center. He moved to a dark corner and waited. Phanost tucked the sphere in the gauntlet of his glove when he heard Govurom approach.

"Greetings," Govurom growled as he marched to the middle of the room. "I have come to ask for your...assistance." He had lost any civility he once possessed but still held a deep respect for Phanost; they were alike in many ways.

Before Phanost could respond, white light shot out from Kranion's hiding spot. The collector's beam was on target but Govurom instinctively dropped and spun to his left. Up on one knee in an instant, he answered with a deadly blast. It struck Kranion and knocked him back to his corner. The purple energy was starting to engulf him when the gem on his chest turned a fiery red. Govurom stared in astonishment as the stone drew the venomous power out of Kranion and into itself. It began to flicker and fade as the jewel on the staff ignited in flame. The toxic force was now his to wield!

Kranion rose and pointed the staff at Govurom. He was about to let loose a torrent of energy on his stunned opponent when Phanost hurled the orb. It shattered at Kranion's feet and released a dirty yellow cloud. When the smoke dissipated, Kranion was gone!

"But how...why...?" Govurom stuttered.

"Because we desire the same thing," Phanost said. "You are two beings in one and I am half of my former self. We both long to be right again and the datadisc may be our only hope. Together we will find the thief who took it and regain what is ours!"