An Impending Convergence

Going to battle because your master commands you to or programming forces you to is...wrong. But facing death by conscious choice, for something you truly believe in, is nothing short of glorious.

Much time had passed since the launch of the Gen-Cog Offensive, and MT-01 knew first hand what it meant to lay his life on the line for the cause. He had all but declared war on the gendrone masters of Glyos in hopes of freeing his fellow Buildman units. Squads of M.A.I.M. Troopers were fighting throughout the system to liberate their brethren and give them the gift of sentience. MT-01 led by example and could be found at the forefront of any given assault, his remarkable strategy and unfaltering courage now legendary.

As successful as he and his troopers were, MT-01 knew that things would only get more difficult as masters formed alliances and pooled their resources to protect their property. It was also rumored that the Metran government now planned to get involved. He continued to replenish his troopers with any suitable gendrones willing to join the MTs after gaining their independence, but it was not enough. MT-01 needed someone, or something, much more powerful.

Several Build Recon teams had reported crossing paths with a heavily armed, fully sentient Buildman unit known as Infiltrator. This silver warrior did not travel with a contingent of soldiers; he seemed to be in partnership only with Hades, a dark Pheyden from an unknown dimension. Together they moved throughout Glyos like shadows, attacking masters without mercy and granting freedom and consciousness to gendrones. It makes sense that we should join forces...unless their true motives are not what they appear to be.

A recent intelligence report indicated that the mysterious pair is targeting a Build Station on Rilleco. MT-01 had personally executed a covert operation on that world to gather information. From what he could see, it looked like the facility was heavily fortified and well prepared for defense. The operators of the station were even building and programming armored gendrones for additional security, so the MTs would have to terminate their own kind to accomplish their mission. We do what we must to achieve victory...

Based on the data he had compiled, MT-01 formulated his plan. He would recall as many MTs as possible from the field and amass a large force for stealth transport to Rilleco. Once there, he would take full advantage of the dark vegetation and black rock formations to camouflage his troops. They would reassemble into combat configurations and stand at the ready. He had a hunch they wouldn't have to wait long for Infiltrator and Hades to arrive. When they did, MT-01 and his troopers would be prepared.