Kranion Answers the Call (PG)

The summons came through as Kranion was downloading the polluted life energy of a vicious Villser into a holding pod in the containment zone. Cosmic Wave was losing a struggle with a Gargethion on the far side of the Glyos system and needed help. What was he doing out there? He double checked his transmitter but there was no mistake; there was trouble on planet Botellias.

Kranion locked down the pod, docked his collector to recharge, and thought. Will this be the time? His worst fear was coming to the aid of battling Pheyden, only to find out that the opponent had pure life energy and he was helpless to defend his cosmic brother. Well, not helpless. I could still draw the creature's life energy, but what then? It couldn't join the central energy force after that, so innocent life energy would be doomed for all eternity to rot in one of those miserable pods. Could I live with myself after that? Could I live with watching a Pheyden die while I stood there and did nothing? The very idea of having to make that choice filled him with dread.

No sense in worrying about that now. It will all be over if I don't get moving. Kranion grabbed his collector from the dock, visualized Botellias, and he was there. A lush planet overgrown with vegetation and teeming with gentle wildlife, Botellias was not a place he found himself very often. The Gargethion were a higher life form with powerful telekinetic abilities but they were always peaceful, choosing to keep to themselves and focus on their gyrofarming.

As he made his way through the dense growth Kranion picked up the sounds of battle to his left. Moving closer and using a large kryno bush for cover, he parted the branches and found himself looking on to a small clearing. Cosmic Wave was pinned against a boulder with one of the Gargethion's hands around his throat, one on each arm, and one on each leg. With its remaining arm it was thrashing the poor Pheyden's head mercilessly. Cosmic Wave's blaster was on the other side of the clearing in 3 pieces. Kranion had seen a Gargethion use its numerous limbs to harvest with astonishing speed, but never to attack.

Concentrating on the Gargethion, Kranion reached out and joined with its life energy. A deep blackness filled his thoughts and there was no question. He stepped into the clearing, raised his collector, and pulled the trigger. A thick beam of energy shot across the clearing and engulfed the Gargethion in a cocoon of white light. A few seconds of writhing and it was over.

Cosmic Wave slid off the boulder and into a heap on the ground. As Kranion approached he noticed a strange mark on the back of the dead Gargethion's head. It was a small slash and its edges glowed green. Kranion had never seen a wound like this but he had a good idea what made it. Well, that explains why the Gargethion turned aggressive, but how did Cosmic Wave become its victim? This would continue to happen across the Glyos system if Kranion didn't eliminate the abomination he called Bio Villser and its two evil replicas.

Kranion knelt next to Cosmic Wave and felt for life. It was there but very weak. He took a regeneration capsule from his belt pouch and broke it over his fallen brother. A moment later Cosmic Wave groaned and slowly sat up, leaning against the boulder for support. He raised his head and looked into Kranion's eyes. Without a word Kranion nodded, visualized Aidoneus, and was gone.

In the relative safety of his dimension, Kranion processes what just happened. Cosmic Wave was a fool for trying to avenge Bio Pheyden and he is lucky to be alive. The next Pheyden who tries may not be so fortunate. I've got to put an end to this before Bio Villser spawns again!